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Mentorship Program

Beneath the tidiness of emotional distance and the classification of

  • 1 h
  • 50 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Beneath the tidiness of emotional distance and the classification of gerontological care is the struggle to transcend the effects of trauma and aging and is among the nobelsest aspects of the human condition. Our program of matching a young musician with a senior is a form of limbic system therapy for both musician and senior. The goal is to expand the imagination. to hope and possibilities. We need connection to survive and regulate our nervous system. Exisle is the worst feeling a human can experience. Human connection is one of the most vital factors to our mental health and general well-being. As we age our connection to others is even more vitally important. Unfortunately, many elderly people find themselves alone or lonely in retirement or nursing homes. Leading to a feeling of exile, depression, and decline in health. According to The Suicide Prevention Resource Center, Adults aget 85+ have the highest rate of suicide & depression. Solution: "social capital" Teen/senior program. Lead to more connections. Decline in depression, feeling of importance, and musical limbic therapy, an increase in activity, story telling, events (recitals and correspondences) and a lifelong connection Our program, modeled after a similar concept in the UK, allows us to bring a personal music touch to seniors by directly pairing them with a young musician, who will correspond with them regularly about their musical journey and through virtual recitals and rehearsals (maybe through a website that can monitor the content or the old fashioned way.) This allows both parties to know they are. not alone or forgotten and are vitally important to someone else. For the young musician the correspondence provides a nurturing and interested elder who cares about their musical progress and future.

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