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Our mandate is to support and expand existing therapeutic music programs and services to those who cannot afford this necessary service. Since 2020, we have provided over $100,000 in services to music therapy programs to the wider Los Angeles Area serving seniors, enliven units, memory care units, palliative care, burn units, bereavement, and more

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Thank you for sharing the gift of Music to those in need.

$75 45 minutes Session Virtually 

$150 One Hours of Music Therapy In Person (Singer Only)

$300 One Hours of Music Therapy In Person 2 Musicians (Piano & Singer)


Thank you for your donation!

Senior Couple

Thank You To Our Donors


Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts - Grant 2022

Nandani Sinha
Brooke DeRosa
Stephanie Williams
Steven Hauser
Dr. Dorothy Garcia
Thomas Harding
Lindsay Patterson
Anne Oh


Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts - Grant 2021

Michelle Johnson
Anna Winkenbach
Dr. Reverend Christine Chakoian
Marilyn Roberts
Iron Donato
Caroline Gill
Normia Arteaga
Amy Fogerson
Betina Loudermilk
Larry Duplechan
Allison Lewis
Gail Wetmore
Natalie Burns
William Charmichael
Jody Golightly
Gerry Craft
Thomas Harding
Brooke DeRosa
Lindsay Patterson
Anne Oh
Steven Hauser
Nandani Sinha

Dr. Dorothy Garcia
Kira Alvarez
Robert Blake
Frederica Culick
Chris Mross
Kelsey Shaw
Rebecca Sjowall
Steven Harding
Jennifer Babcock
Mary Brown
Suzanne Vinnik
Rocena Tashiro
Tina Cay
Irene Salazar
Neal Wright
Pauline Worusski
Gawvi Quezada
Gail Gordon
Christina Borgioli
Michelle Patzakis
Matteo Bitteti
Mary Jean Shaffer
Laurie Kjar-Reiss
Jefferson Cutler
Maria Lopez

   Dr. Dorothy Garcia  

Thomas Harding
Nandani Sinha
Raul Matas

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