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Introducing Board Member Lindsay

Hello! My name is Lindsay Patterson Abdou and it is my honor to be on the board for Music

Heals Minds. I am excited to introduce myself and share about why I believe in this


I was born and raised in Riverside, California and began taking music lessons at an early age

from my mother. I eventually received both my B.A. and master’s in music focusing on Vocal

Performance. I have performed with the Metropolitan Opera, Long Beach Opera, Opera Santa

Barbara, and the Industry. I am also currently a roster alto with the Los Angeles Master Chorale

and freelance vocalist for various projects based in Los Angeles. Up until this past year, I was

also an Elementary Music Specialist. Now when I am not performing, I am a stay-at-home mom

to Vianne (3) and Gabriel (1).

Being a mom has really taught me the importance of memory and to not take it for granted.

Every stage of my children’s lives passes by so quickly and it leaves me dwelling in the

memories of all of their firsts: first word, first steps, first full night of sleep! My children have

made my life so much more meaningful and to remember every moment of it is really important

to me. One thing that came with motherhood is what can be described as “mom brain”. During

and after pregnancy, I would often find myself having a hard time remembering simple tasks or

recent events. There are even gaps in my memory of what took place during my daughter’s first

few months. I recognize how lucky I am that my case of “mom brain” was mild. My struggle was

nowhere near as severe of what it must be like to live and struggle with memory conditions such

as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

I believe music is an essential tool to help bring back cherished memories. Even with my own

children, I see the power of music and how it helps them learn and remember. I am excited to

watch the work of MHM help people heal their traumas and bring back hope.

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